“Strong people stand up for themselves.But the strongest people stand up for others…

A repetitive aggression or harassment directed at victims who have less power than bullies.Bullying includes bystander who observe bullying and can assume a range of roles that include ‘reinforcers’, ‘outsiders’ and defenders.The behaviours of bystander can have important effects in their peers.Students with high empathy have been found to be more likely to take the defender role.A bystander has the potential to make a positive difference in a bullying situation,especially for youth who are bullied are defended and supported by their peers,they become less anxious and depressed.Adults in schools can also be a role models rewarded positive social behaviour and set the tone for healthy social relationships.

During a bullying incident, if there is only one witness,that one person is likely to help the victim but in a group of three or more people,none of them feels like it is their responsibility to take action.There are some emotions suffered by bystanders when they encounter a bullied victim.Due to such emotions some do not involve with the problems.Fear is the reason why bystander fail to do when they witness bullying.After the bullying incident is over,many bystanders are weighed down with guilt.Bystanders can also develop anxiety about bullying.Watching another person suffer is never easy.But at the same time it can be difficult to know what to do.Very often bystanders don’t know what to do.They are afraid of retaliation or fear.By empowering your teen to help, instead of standing by and watch,you are helping put an end to the bullying.If you are not part of the solution,you are part of the problem.Bullying needs to be stopped.

If you see something,say something.Do not be a bystander!


Workplace Bullying

“The world is a dangerous place,not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing” – Albert Einstein

Bullying at work means harassing,offending,socially excluding someone or negatively affecting someone’s work tasks.It is a persistent pattern of mistreating others in the work place which causes either physical or emotional harm.It can include tactics such as verbal, non- verbal,psychological,physical abuse.Workplace bullies after established rules and policies of their organisation and their society.Bullying at workplace is done to someone who has authority over the victim.Bullying is characterised by repetition,duration,Escalation,power disparity and attributed intent.Work place bullying is still being established as a relevant social problem.Bullied people are labelled as insubordinate when they resist the bullying treatment.The research says that approximately 72% of bullies out rank their victims.One in ten employees experiences work place bullying,the prevalence of this issue is cause for great concern.

According to the 2015 National Health Interview Survey Occupational Health Supplement (NHIS-OHS),the national prevalence rate for workers reporting having been threatened,bullied or harassed by anyone on the job was 7.4%.The workplace institutes states that women appear to be a greater risk of becoming a bullying target,57% of women are reported targeted victim.Race also plays a vital role in the experience of workplace bullying.Higher prevalence rates for experiencing a hostile work environment were found for divorced workers,widowed workers and never married workers.Higher prevalence rates for experiencing a hostile work environment were identified for age and education l.

This causes depression and stress among the individual.It may lead to Post traumatic dress disorder (PTSD) and even suicide are not uncommon.Everyone in society feels the impact of workplace bullying as clients,tax payers,costumers we experience higher costs.This is how we are bullies in our society.

Show respect even to people who don’t t deserve it;not as a reflection of their character,but as a reflection of yours..Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.So let us voice out and Stop bullying!☺️


“Ragging doesn’t break the ice,it breaks lives,carriers,families…”

The shocking death of a 19 year old Aman Kachroo reminded the nation of our inability.He lost his life due to ragging practised by his seniors upon him.Its an heartbreaking news to hear😔

Ragging is no gentle rite of passage but a ritualised form of torture that can cause severe psychological and physical injury.The main aim of ragging is to break the ice between the senior students and the new entrants.It causes annoyance,hardship or psychological harm or raises fear or shame in a student.The freshers are traumatised both physically and mentally deriving sadistic pleasure by the seniors amounting to gross violation of basic human rights.It is generally committed by senior students upon the freshers.Ragging originated in west.But today,it has spread to Indian society too.Some people feel that it a socio-cultural problem.In some cases,ragging has occasionally,ended in fighting,serious injuries and even deaths,it may also lead to the ruin of some brilliant careers.Ragging is done by senior students based on their appearance and manners.

Students wearing glasses are snatched away and are made them to read without glasses.Sometimes eatables brought by the freshers are eaten by the seniors.These are some excellent examples that is common in all institutions.A fresher who regret becomes the target for the harassment.Due to this,some will discontinue their college or even it may lead to some serious actions.Ragging becomes a legal offence when there is wrongful restraint and criminals intimidation is involved in it.Steps should be taken to prevent in the institutions.There exists positive when there is negative effects in it.It influences the freshers to behave in a socially acceptable way.It makes one change one eccentric behaviour.It creates self awareness.It does not mean that excruciating can be encouraged as it creates some positive effect within the student.Verbal torture,Dress code Ragging,Formal introduction,Sexual abuse,playing the fool,Hostel Ragging,Drug abuse are some of the types of ragging that takes place in all institutions.

Ragging is an inhuman and barbaric evil practised by senior upon the junior.There should be strict punishments and rules for those who are involved in ragging activity which may include suspension from the college.So readers let us spread our love to our neighbours,friends so that we could stop ragging within our community and possibly we can change our community.We should treat everybody in an equal way.Let us try to see the world beyond such stereotypes to reach a society free from bullying and harassment to lead an happy and healthy life 😛

Be a changemaker ! Make your campus Ragging free.

Bullying in School

“Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out..”

Many people do not realise how serious bullying has become.The statistical report of suicide is due to bullying have increased over just a few short years.

School bullying that occurs in educational setting.School bullying is mentally destructive to not only to the victims,but bullies of harmful words,harassment and physical violence.Bullying is a very popular disease among the school students today.Bullies are considered to be endangered species who make ridiculed of others for their own fun.This can create is negative effects on individual students.It can cause long term problems for both the victims and the bullies.There are various types of bullying experienced in school among the students like teasing,hitting,spitting,threatening and embarrassing others in public place.All these actions may assault one’s dignity.The effect on children is so negative,that may affect their academics performance.This may also make the children to commit suicide.It harms the students physically,emotionally and socially.I think that the assault may be due to some personal reasons or out of jealousy or it may depend upon their family background of the bullies.Bullying is something very aggressive.It is imbalance of power.It is very sad to know that children in school suffer such violence in their age,which should be stopped and proper precautions should be taken to prevent bullying in school.

A young boy with the name of Ryan committed suicide.For months he had been bullied in school.Many kids sent him hatred messages calling him gay and other unpleasant names.He was threatened physically assaulted by other students.By this stage he had felt enough of his life.He wanted all the bulling to stop and go away.In June 2003 he was pronounced dead due to suicide.Bullying creates more negative effects in an individual.My heart goes out for all the students who have been bullied in school and lost their lives because they aren’t unaccepted by their peers.

Let your smile Change the world,But don’t let the world to change your smile 😊

Cyber bullying

Healthy mind does not speak ill of others..😊

We are living in the era where internet is feasible for everyone.From one year old kid to an adult everyone is a accessible to internet now a days.Modern communication exclusively relies on online technology,which can foster destructive or harmful behaviours.A good example of such destructive or harmful behaviour is cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment using electronic means.It is an online bullying.It takes place over digital devices like cell phones,computers and tablets.cyber bullying is seen common among teens.It makes the victim to feel devastated.A 2016 report from cyber bullying Research centre indicates that 33.8% of students between 12 and 17 were the victims of cyber bullying.Kids and teens connect through social media where they finally end up with a big mess.Cyber bullying kill people’s soul😔For an individual the experience of cyber bullying has linked with some negative outcomes such as anxiety,depression,sleeping and eating disorders.The victims life gets spoiled.The Internet has developed a psychological blank in many young people’s mind that leads to depression,sleeping and eating disorders.Sometimes it also ruins the life of a victim.

14 year old took her own life.Angel had spent years being mocked and called names.Her classmates claimed she was a “whore” and a “slut”.She has already struggled growing up,as her father hit her and had been jailed for abuse.After her classmates learned about that,they started abusing her both in school and online.She was so frustrated.Angel opted for a tree at the school bus stop to make sure her bullies saw her body😢She also left a note at home to make sure everyone about the reason of her death.

Technology should not be used as a tool to hurt and create such a conflict.Let us aspire to achieve greater heights and actually stop cyber bullying,so that we could at least save some lives😊Each day is gifted from God with new blessings.Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is the time that we all took a stand against this.


Different behaviours..

“If people are trying to bring u down it only means that you are above them..”😊

We are living in a country,where we experience different kinds of behaviour in a society.There are different types of bullying that are experienced by children and adults.The different types of bullying that we look at below are some of the ways that bullying could be happening – Physical,Verbal,Social and the list goes on and on…

Physical bullying is a type that includes hitting or otherwise hurting someone,damaging or stealing their belongings.We would have experienced physical bullying in our school.Most of us have experienced it in our childhood but we are unaware of it.It seems to be comic when we bring out those memories now☺️Each individual in the society had somehow experienced physical bullying.Filing a complain is not a serious issue as it is a small behavioural change among the children.I probably think that the unity among the people would not last forever..Exactly!😔

Insulting someone about physical characteristics such as their weight or height,or other attributes including race,sexuality,culture or religion comes under verbal bullying.It is the most common type of violence in school and colleges.Criticising a girl’s appearance will also come under verbal bullying.There are many teens who have been bullied because of their Physical appearance,acid attack is being assaulted on women by jealous lovers ,which is really heartbreaking😔According to a survey, the statistical report says that girls are the victims who have been bullied by boys.This type is defined in a term called “Ragging”.This is done intentionally to harm and diminish their self-esteem.They even make hurtful statements that make the victims feel insecure.Thereby,a person’s self-esteem is affected.

Being socially bullied is the second most common form of bullying a victim.It is a form of bullying that has grown with the boom of social media and mobile phones.A victim being bullied through social media like Facebook.The rich boasting and showing off in front of a less privileged person.This makes the less privileged one feel inferior and inefficient.A good example !

Though men are exposed to them,women are being victims again and again..The trauma that the victims undergo after this violence is horrible.

…Blowing out someone’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter…

Think wisely before u talk 😉

Importance of bullying

“Stop bullying no one deserves to feel worthless..”

I think people bully because they are jealous of something a person owns it. As we live in the world filled with competition,people are jealous with each other in a community where they live in.This leads to a major problem called bullying.It is a serious issue that has to be discussed in this century.

Bullying is seen common among the teens.Kids are also victimised under this issue.Bullying is a problem where the students of all ages has been suffering for decades.The researchers says that 70% of female have been bullied,which gives us a shock.According to “Psychological Review ” it is observed that 70.6% of school students have been bullied in the society.They are highly affected in the society.The action of bullying leads to sever negative impacts within an individual.Bullying is mainly based on race,gender,colour complexion or sexual orientation.

Children who are bullied suffer from eating disorders,depression,loneliness and post-traumatic disorders.Some children have taken the risk of suicide.Some have even lost their lives due to harassment which is a sad tone to hear.Every child should be appreciated for the value it possess.Children who are repeatedly bullied tend to be passive.Victims in bullying is marked physically,emotionally and psychologically.Children who have been bullied suffer from emotional stress.They also suffer from emotional illness and this illness slowly leads to physical illness.Physical illness includes depression,loneliness and anxiety.After suffering from all these disorders,the bullied victims stops spending time with the people around them in the society rather they starts to be alone in the environment.They will never interact with groups.They don’t feel happy,but they try to believe that they would be happy forever.Bullied victims posses certain characteristics that bullies take it for granted and starts abusing.Due to this bullied victims will not be able to join with peer groups.They are not approachable,they feel shy.Thus would be much more attracted by the bullies.Thus,bulling creates more effects in an individual.So,readers let us strive to spread much love to the people around us so that we could stop bullying within our community❤️thanks for reading☺️

Don’t be a bully….STOP. Think. Breathe.Walk away